Program Structure

DeepStar® is the industry’s longest-running and most successful offshore technology development consortium and it has generated significant value by providing technology transfer to its members and the industry.



CORE Program

DeepStar® CORE Program focuses on all members’ common collaborative technology needs; discusses industry technology issues and develops ideas for larger, elective satellite projects.


Annual Budget >$1,200,000 

Schedule: May-May

Operator Member  $100,000
Associate Member  $15,000


All membership fees are annual (May-May)
Operator membership level is based on ownership of offshore leases. 
Associate Member is any firm or corporation who is engaged in offshore activity as a drilling contractor,
service company, supplier, or other capacity.

Membership Agreement 2020-2021

Membership Agreement 2020-2023

                 Amendment to Membership Agreement 2020

                DeepStar Core contractor contract 2020-2021

Satellite Projects

Focuses on elective Satellite Projects in which the technology advancement is aided by collaborative among interested parties. 

Budget and Schedule Varies

20 ksi Systems Validation


Through tubing Repairs of SCSSV


Electric (eSCSSV)


Unmanned Robotic Topside


Hairy Nanoparticles Near-Well Region

Core 2020

Subsea Desanding

Core 2020

ESP Monitoring &Control System

Core 2020

Riser Continued Service


Annual member cost per project
Administration fee is not included in project price.
Core Members save 25% on satellite project administration fee.


   Nippon Foundation Partnership projects 


Global collaborative technology development to which DeepStar provides an operator-driven, collaborative technology development program that leverages other stakeholders' capital investment.

Annual Budget <$6,000,000 
Schedule: May-May

DeepStar Nippon contractor contract 2020

  • NanoActive EFT (Enhanced Flowback Technology) for Offshore Application 

  • Prevention and Remediation of Asphaltene Deposition and Hydrate Formation at Field Conditions - Assessment and Modeling 

  • Subsea Omni Directional Optical Wi-Fi System Demonstration of Layout Free & flexible Directional UOWC system

  • Acid Gas Removal (AGR) and Re-injection Project

  • Reducing operational and capital risks through unified FPSO process & turbomachinery automation solution development

  • Flow-Induced Vibration Predicting Method Study for Subsea Flowlines/Risers

  • Standardization of Inspection to Enable Digital Twin

  • ESP with Magnetic Drive System (MDS) for Deep Water

  • Establishment of cost-effective monitoring method for HPHT reservoir and downhole by using P-T sensor-equipped flowable ball

  • Smart Dissolvable Plugged Nozzle Assemblies (DPNAs) to be Installed on Limited Entry Liners with Tracer - Release Capability for Extended Reach Deviated Wells