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Proposed Projects

Open Call for Nippon Foundation

Partnership Projects now,

until December 6th, 2019

New project proposal for DeepStar CORE

opens in March 2020 

Projects : Projects
Project Submission

Project submission for DeepStar CORE

 will close on May 31th , 2022 

                                              DeepStar Nippon 2022 Project Summary [Pending]


     Flow Assurance

  • Hydrogen-Natural Gas Blends Phase Behavior for Safe Offshore Pipeline Transport of Low-Carbon Energy

  • Optimization of compression performance of CCUS using process model-based control technology

  • New Huff'n Puff process combined CO2 gas and nanotechnology for offshore fields

  • Analytics framework to Predict, Monitor and Manage Wax Deposition and enable carbon emission reduction

     Subsea Systems Engineering

  • Wave Energy Harvesting System Utilizing PVDF Piezoelectric Film

  • Nanosorbent Technology Platform for the Removal and Recovery of Metals from Produced Water

  • Application Study and Field Trial of Omni-Directional Optical Wireless Communication System

  • Semipermanent Ocean Bottom Seismic Node for CCS monitoring

  • Feasibility Study on combined systems of floating offshore wind, wave energy and subsea battery

      Drilling, Completions & Intervention 

  • Thermally Stable CRA and Sealing Technology for Enhanced Geothermal Systems

      Autonomous Operations

  • UT Drone for offshore inspections

  • "PoC of YRSP (Yokogawa Robotics Services Platform) and EX ROVR (explosion proof autonomous inspection robot developed by Mitsubishi)"

  • Robotic Intervention During Outages NUF

     Green House Gas

  • Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Based Hydrogen Adsorbent for Efficient Storage / Transportation

  • Ammonia Production – Offshore Gas Monetization

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