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Proposed Projects

Open Call for Nippon Foundation

Partnership Projects now,

until December 6th, 2019

New project proposal for DeepStar CORE

opens in March 2020 

Projects : Projects
Project Submission

Project submission for DeepStar CORE

deadline 5th of May 2023

                                DeepStar Nippon Foundation Partnership 2023 Project Proposals


  1. Subsea Well Alert Autonomous Monitoring System for Abandoned and Orphaned Well

  2. Mini Drone for offshore inspection

  3. Data collection and simulation of ocean by a Flying Boat Drone

  4. Development of seabed permanent CCS reservoir monitoring system with Optical Hybrid Ocean Bottom Cable

  5. Line Pipe Materials Performance for Lower Carbon Operations

  6. Nanofluids for CO2 Capture from flue gases

  7. Carbon Dioxide & Greenhouse Gas Capture using Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

  8. On Site Methane Conversion Platform Utilizing Catalytic Activated Carbon

  9. Application of Offshore Methane Gas by Novel Oxidation Technology

  10. Development of tracking technology for subsea buried cables/pipes using magnetometer on AUV

  11. Development of efficient sea water filtering system with high endurability and performance

  12. Designing Corrosion Resistant nano-Composite Tubing with Near-Zero Thermal Conductivity for Enhanced Geothermal System

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