Subsea Systems


DeepStar focus is on the advancement of Subsea equipment and installation with the responsibility for analyzing existing and/or potential technology gaps and bringing them to the attention of the committee.  A secondary focus is on the advancement of long-distance tieback with the goal to develop technology and qualify equipment to enable the deployment of subsea facilities for extended mile tie-backs to ultra-deepwater depth.


Flow Assurance

DeepStar topic of discussions include hydrate remediation, insulated pipelines and deepwater pigging operations with the goal to assure reliable and economic production in deepwater by the appropriate design and operation through prediction, management remediation of deposition and line plugs. ​


Fixed & Floating Offshore Production

DeepStar committee's role is to further technology, develop integrity management protocols and fill gaps related to deepwater floating systems and their associated moorings and risers. While the MetOcean's goal is to improve knowledge and modeling capabilities of the circulation flow, which will provide more accurate facility design criteria and reduce downtime during deepwater drilling operations. 




& Interventions

DeepStar focused topics on Drilling Operations, Drilling Intervention & Repair and Plug & Abandoment where members share their experiences and data to improve deep water drilling operations. 

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