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Become a member

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Join the industry's

longest-running offshore

technology development


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Become part of the 

Technical Subcommittee(s)

of your interest.

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Discuss industry

technology issues and 

develop ideas.

DeepStar® Member Benefits

Get over 50 times of leverage value with $100,000 membership fee to access over 5$ million of projects

  • Access to more than $1 million of core projects

Deliverables & reports for all Core projects selected
for each DeepStar Program year (May-May)


  • Access to multi-million-dollar partnership projects 

Deliverables & reports for over $4 million of Nippon Foundation (NF) DeepStar partnership (16 ) projects by the end of 2024

  • Collaborative discussions amongst members and industry partners on mutually beneficial topics

  • Technical forums & workshops to align industry and develop solutions

    DeepStar Technology Symposium - May 10, 2024

  • Reduce satellite project administration cost by 25%

Core Member company pays a discount rate of 10% for the administration fee
Non-Core Member company pays 35% administration fee





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